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Status: Closed
Condition: Closed

Closed for the Season

Our trails officially closed for the season on 3/31.  Although it was a rough start, we were rewarded with excellent riding conditions all the way to the end.  Our Club is active year round, and we would love to have you attend a summer meeting or work party.  Hope to see you soon as we get ready for 12/1!

Status: Open
Condition: Good

Trail Report January 13 2023

Wood City Riders Trail Report – January 13, 2022

Cloquet Minnesota


We have made significant progress in opening up our trail system and nearing fully open and fully groomed status.


Big Lake Trail East & WestBoth groomers are out on the Big Lake Trail today Friday 1/13 working west from the shop towards Big Lake.  They plan to get as far as the Lake.  If timing allows, they’ll work further towards the Cromwell T junction at the Peat Plant.  Otherwise that section will be opened next week.

Iverson TrailThe Iverson trail has been groomed several times and is in good condition.

Lumberjack/Brookston Connector/Saginaw Spur – Lumberjack was groomed from the Clubhouse all the way north yesterday 1/12 and is in good shape.  Brookston Spur was double groomed yesterday and is in good condition.  Saginaw Spur was groomed for the first time yesterday, and still has sections where it is brushy and there is some chop.  Use caution at the 2nd bridge coming from the west, as it shifted, and the approach has moved. 

Cloquet/Scanlon City Trail – Groomed up nicely this week.

Black Bear Casino Connector – The Casino connector was groomed up nicely this week.  There will be brushing crews out there cleaning up next week or the following, please watch for them during the week.

Esko Extension – Groomed this week and ready to ride.




All water crossings on the system including Big Lake and the St Louis River @ Hwy 2 are not checked or staked by the club.  Riders are crossing the River @ Hwy 2.  A reminder to stay away from the bridge pillars due to eddy currents.  We hear that the Big Lake crossing is slushy and rough.


Ride Right, Ride Safe, Ride Sober!

Wood City Riders

Status: Open
Condition: Fair

Trail Report 12/29/22

Wood City Riders Trail Report – December 29, 2022

Cloquet Minnesota



Club members, operators, and supporters have been out in full force getting our system cleared!  A special Thank You to the following folks who have helped us out –

-The 148th Air National Guard, who sent a work party through the Iverson Trail on Tuesday to get it passable by sled in preparation for mechanical clearing on 12/30.

-Matt DeCaigny Excavating for clearing the Lumberjack trail from Cloquet up to Hwy 33

-Fond Du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippewa for clearing work on the Casino trail and Iverson/City Trail

- The Club Taskmasters and Operations Team who have been out in the woods every day, working on equipment and handling logistics

- All the folks who took the time to take a saw and get a path opened so we can get sleds through

-Eagle Towing for rescuing our broken down ASV groomer for us


Big Lake Trail East & West – Sleds have been through both BL East and BL West, but it has not been fully cleared by the Club.  Ride at your own risk – recommended for experienced riders only.

Iverson Trail – The Iverson is fully passable from the Clubhouse/airport all the way down to the Munger.  The section north of Hwy 210 was fully cleared today, and is rough from equipment tracks, ride with caution.  The section south of Hwy 210 is opened up to sled width, please ride wide in the swamps so they freeze down and we can get the groomer through.  Crews will be clearing south of HWY 210 on 12/30.

Lumberjack/Brookston Connector/Saginaw Spur – The Lumberjack was fully cleared from Cloquet to the northern terminus in Saginaw earlier this week, and was groomed today 12/29.  Brookston Spur is passable by sled – please ride wide in wet areas to pack them so we can groom next week.  Saginaw Spur is 35% cleared, sleds rode single file through all the wet areas and we got brush removal equipment stuck and wasted half a day getting it out.  The packed areas held our equipment well, the non-packed did not PLEASE RIDE WIDE!  We will not be going back into the Saginaw Spur until it is packed wide and frozen.  Riders can pick their way through, or can take the Lumberjack up to Seville Rd and take that across over to the Union Station.  Any help clearing the Saginaw Spur is appreciated.

Cloquet/Scanlon City Trail – Clear and passable.  Watch for rough trail from clearing equipment.  We plan to make the first grooming run on this next week.

Black Bear Casino Connector – Casino Connector is cleared and open.  It will be groomed once the Iverson is ready for grooming.

Esko Extension – This trail is cleared and ready for sled traffic.  Will be groomed next week.




All water crossings on the system including Big Lake and the St Louis River @ Hwy 2 are not checked or staked by the club.  


Ride Right, Ride Safe, Ride Sober!

Wood City Riders